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Our fabric is ISO 9000 certified. We perform regular tests on our production process in order to verify and check that our quality parameters are stable for each production.

LINEX™ Liners should be stored in darkness within an ambient temperature (from -10°C to 30°C (10°F to 90°F)). It is the responsibility of the client/consumer to store the liners correctly.

WARRANTY: 2 years after delivery and 1.5 years in operation.


Clean liner and sheave ring (oil and greasy deposit have to be removed).

Use specific equipment like a metal cone with de-burred edges.

Press the liner on wheel's hub. You can use soap water to lubricate the liner in order to facilitate the mounting (don't use too much).


Mounting instructions

DO NOT LUBRICATE the rope of the lift with any lubricant or grease that are not compatible with the liners.

Inspection of the liners:

Unusual abrasion Daily
Irregularities Daily
Carbonization Daily
Presence of grease - Oil Daily
Unusual acoustic sound Daily
Hardness Weekly (sampling)
ALL ASPECTS Once a year


It is very useful to record all information about each liners:


Notice that sheave liner deterioration is mainly due to load, speed of the rope and line setting.

That's why, as an example, on the same lift you could have differences of deterioration between 2 sheave liners mounted on 2 different pylons.

The main case of deterioration is «thermal corrosion». Because of the load and the speed of the rope the rubber warm itself up. Maximum heat is detected under the surface of the groove. The cycle warm up and get cold make the rubber getting harder. First signs of hardening process are crack lines that mostly appear on sides of the groove. Then these crack lines become bigger and more numerous. Final step is the deterioration of bottom of the groove and the rubber crumbles. Most of time there is time between apparition of crack lines and crumble. Nevertheless, in some cases the process can occur very quickly. Check in priority overloaded wheels combined with high speed rope.

Another case of deterioration is «mechanical abrasion». This could be caused by a sheave liner not mounted correctly.

Crack lines Crumble
Crack lines Crumble


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