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LINEX™ liners are designed and manufactured to equip and protect sheaves of chairlifts, gondolas, cable cars, funiculars, 3S, etc…

LINEX™ liners are not molded and are closed ring only (we do not manufacture open ring liners yet).

Our high-quality manufacturing process allows for the production of any ring dimension and groove shape. We can even make a customized ring with a customize groove if needed.

LINEX™ liners are manufactured with a perfectly uniform material structure due to the extreme precision we use with regards to rubber in our manufacturing process.

Our background in precision engineered rubber allows to manipulate the molecular chains of the rubber so that they are oriented in an optimal way for the conditions for industrial uses.

LINEX™ liners provide the following advantages:

Our fabric is ISO 9000 certified. We perform regular tests on our production process in order to verify and check that our quality parameters are stable for each production. Our Linex™ sheave liners are produced with a dedication to automation (we utilise CNC machines in our production process). We also have a dedicated test process to simulate the life product cycle of a sheave liner.



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